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Friday, June 20, 2008

Pepper the Panting Pug

One of my experimental paintings for a commission of "Pepper" for a friend. I love painting funny Pugs!
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A Flattering Painting!

I have a plan and a focus!

Wow summer sure gets crazy when you have four kids at home and the sun refuses to shine and acknowledge that it is summer. Needless to say I have had no time to sneak into my studio but I have seen some pretty inspiring creativity around.
Last week we checked out the new digs for the second Collage store in Portland. The store could use a little help in the ambiance area but they had some amazing new products that I plan to try. I ordered an intricate old world nautical stamp to use on my charts art pieces and picked up some DG3 Judi Kins new art gel product! This stuff is great for making charms covered in a deep coat of resin so they have the appearance of laying under a layer of glass. I bought several of the deep channeled charms so I can do my own micro collage charms.

I also dropped by one of my favorite new interior stores Ste. Maine over in the Portland Sellwood antique area. I am in love with the art that they are carrying by x-San Francisco Graphic Designer/illustrator, Manwaring. he is an extremely gifted artist. After many years grinding it out in the serious world he has chosen to move to beautiful Portland. Portlanders are the lucky ones now! It seems he has had beautiful images floating around his head for years and now he has the time to turn them into paintings so we can all enjoy them finally as fine art.

If any one knows anything more about this gifted man, let me know.

I have no doubt that I will be buying one of his paintings in the near future. In the mean time I will continue to be inspired by his fresh approach, impeccable draftsmanship and cool imagery. Ste. Maine currently has a piece that mimics the moving and somewhat disturbing silhouettes of Kara Walker, one of the most gifted artist of this decade.