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Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Jennifer W Mark art web site is finally up!

Hello everyone, I hope you will all get a chance to pop over to check out my new website designed by the talented Michelle Mark ( yes, she is my daughter and a great designer!)
Finally I got the chance to get a new site up after my last one was stolen away!  I love to experiment with so many art styles and media and different painting techniques.  Check out the whole collection of my latest studio sessions. My new web site has a great sampling of all my favorites. 

My business partner at Open Eye Art, Juliet Moran and I  just recently posed for a photo shoot and ended up with some great pictures for our Open Eye Art site.

This is definitely my favorite. 

My good friend and amazing photographer, Sue Kieth spent the afternoon with us so we could get the perfect shot.

Open Eye Art is keeping us busy working with  unique clients on some very exciting creative spaces.
We are actively researching what aspects of spaces trigger creativity and ideation. We are exploring exciting art installation ideas that will helpget across the idea of environmental sustainability and community commitment. Lastly, we are digging deep to design an art project that has the potential to engage 3000 teachers  while  they are sipping on a glass of Oregon Pinot Noir . These are the kinds of challenges that Juliet and I have a blast working on. 

I am currently working with the Randall Children's Hospital and Emanuel Hospital.  We are in the process of  finding the perfect art pieces to complete both hospitals. The great part of this project is that I get to visit a lot of artist and galleries in search of the perfect art works.  I recently came across Alison O'Donohue's work down at the the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery in Salem.  I am so inspired by her fascinating style that I am going to commission her to do a piece based on CREATIVITY.  I cant wait to see what she comes up with.

While we were down in Salem we had to stop by and see my friend Gerry Frank and try the delicious cakes at his Konditorei.  I highly recommend that you have lunch there if you happen to pass through Salem Oregon.

This is an illustration by my daughter, Laura Mark.  She is planning on attending the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts in the fall.  We should be seeing more wonderful illustrations like this in the near future!

Next month check out my hand lettering. It seems to be my next "fascination".