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Monday, June 27, 2011

Paintings from Bend....

watercor by Jennifer Winship Mark 2011

Here are a couple of the pieces I painted while up in Bend at the 
Mary Whyte Art in the Mountains Watercolor Workshop.

watercolor by Jennifer Winship Mark 2011

watercolor by Jennifer Winship Mark 2011
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Mary Whyte's demo pieces from Bend.....

Mary Whyte 2011
Great still life by Mary Whyte showing her relaxed and fun style with watercolor.

Mary Whyte workshop in Bend....

Spinner by Mary Whyte

Side Street Gallery Animal Show...

Mabel Just Loves Flowers
Acrylic by J.W Mark 2011
Drop by the Side Street Gallery in July to check out the great Anamalia art show.
I will be working on a series of crazy animal portraits this summer.

"Little Princess" watercolor  by JWMark 2011
There is nothing more expressive than a pug's funny face.  What personality they all have!
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