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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just back from Orange County...inspirational!

I Shall Return Limited Edition Print
20 x 18

I just returned from a wonderful 4 day trip to Orange County CA. I visited the breathtaking Roger's Gardens. The beautiful still lifes, flower pots and outdoor gardens has inspired me to paint gardens again.
Right now they have some amazing arrangements that combine a full white hydrangea with a delicate maiden hair fern and variegated ivy all in a beautiful aged basket. The crazy thing is these are running about $165!
Let your "inner cheapskate" emerge and pull together something like this for under $50
All it takes is some very fine ribbon (don't chintz out on this!) A gorgeous basket from Cost Plus and some beautiful potted plants from Trader Joe's.
Inspiration is all you need to pull together a beautiful flower creation.

Juxtapose show at Laguna Art Museum is amazing....too bad you missed it because it just closed.
Ryden's piece is breathtaking.
Check it out.
Turns out the piece is actually owned by a Nike executive in "my neck of the woods". Maybe I can knock on his door so I can come in and drool over Ryden's brilliant brush strokes and amazing finesse with glazing.
This show was epic. The low brow movement is officially on its way into the art history books.
Hey, It is not too late to become one of the original collectors. Sign up to get Copro Nason's show announcements.

Today I am featuring my favorite limited edition out of the 12 that Marco Fine Arts printed

Seed collector Limited edition Print 21 x 18 selling for $650
If you are interested in seeing the rest of the pieces ....just ask.

Life has been crazy here. time in my studio.
I will be finishing the nautical chart series and then moving on to some large canvases of boats and gardens done in a watercolor technique but using acrylic paints on canvas.
I will post a image of my first attempt.

This will be one of my first Acrylic experiments. Isn't this a wonderful scene ? I took this photo on the collector's cruise that Princess sent me on a few years ago.