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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Installation of employee made collages at Ruby Receptionists

20 abstract collages created with Open Eye Art for the new lobby space at Ruby Receptionists headquarters in Portland Oregon

Mid century modern collages I created for Ruby Receptionists....

 Handmade papers

 12" x 16" wood panels

 Inspired by vibrant colors

The power of abstract art

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New work using the power of shape....

Buck- 24 x 36" acrylic on Canvas by Jennifer W Mark
 Here are two new paintings I have just completed.  I am inspired by the simplicity of plant shapes making up a larger silhouette. These are spontaneous paintings that I find easy and a joy to paint.  I love how the deep gray canvas makes the colors pop.  I can delve back into my "mind catalog" of plants and flowers and just paint from my imagination.

Orb- 36 x 36" acrylic on Canvas by Jennifer W Mark
The next art pieces will utilize more NW themes....can you guess what shapes those will be?