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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Inspirations from some of my favorite blogs

New Painting by Mark Ryden at Art Basel Miami!!

I found this on the Arrested Motion blog....another great blog.

Today I am learning to paste, copy, and borrow from other blogs. Computers are always an ongoing learning experience for me.

A young Stranger
Gaya, 7
by Benoit Paille

fffound is an amazing blog with some disturbing and some utterly beautiful this mesmerizing little girl.

This East Hampton, New York home
of Allison Julius, husband Zachary and brother Louis Marra
has a wonderful collection of Fornesetti chairs
and this gorgeous Fornesetti malachiteWall paper.

This photo was found on one of my most favorite blogs ,
Design*sponge which is always inspiring and fresh....

Brooklyn-based writer, Grace Bonney has such a great eye and fun sense of discovery. She creates a first class blog.

Inspirations from Turkey

This is a beautiful little fishing boat resting on the calm waters of the Bosphorus in Istanbul
photo by
Jennifer Winship Mark

Pomegranates are everywhere in the fall in Istanbul.
Notice the gorgeous way they can cut them and open them up like
a bubbly flower.
Photo by
Jennifer Winship Mark

We were fortunate enough to stay close to the breathtaking
San Sophia Mosque

Photo by Jennifer Winship Mark

We went to the top of a beautiful hill to one of Istanbul's most famous
writers and poets, Yahya Kemal Beyatli.
His home was humble and surrounded in peace and
pomegranate trees.
Isn't this a clever bench to commemorate a writer?
Photo by
Jennifer Winship Mark
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Paintings I will be selling in the spring

This is an acrylic painting entitled the Guest House.
Believe it or not it is hanging in my guest room.

36 x 48
acrylic on canvas by Jennifer Winship Mark

This painting was done inspired by a gorgeous photo of
Oregon lavender and wild flowers
by Jennifer Winship Mark

This is a small oil stillife of elegant roses in a not so elegant vase!
16 x 20 Oil by
Jennifer Winship Mark

Lakewood Art Show

Here is the watercolor that was juried into the Lake Oswego, Lakewood Art Center Show. It was a perfect weekend for a fun art event. Lots of interesting art.

I am selling greeting cards......

I have decided to sell a series of greeting cards depicting NW scenes. Here are the 5 cards that I have been selling to local stores in Portland Oregon. It has been a great experience getting to know all the kind and creative shop owners . Portland is blessed with some amazing shops and retailers.

Greeting cards retail for $3 each .

Currently you can purchase the cards from the
Rose Garden Store ,
Park Place Papers,
and the Flower Temple.

Sailboats down at John's Landing on the Willamette River

I am getting ready for another stillife shoot...

Here are a few still-lifes my friend, Chris and I shot back in April. I think I will be starting a few paintings soon using these ideas. I love the challenge of painting silver.

I have been dying to try a back-lit piece of fruit for a huge 40 x 60....I think this would be amazing.....I love the translucency mixed with the delicate edges....I will leave the sheep out in the background!

We liked the composition but the white background was detracting. It still has potential. I cant wait to grab some of the blueberries and Rainier cherries for some colorful still-lifes this month.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pencil Drawing Inspirations

Drawing by Jennifer Winship Mark

This boy reminds me of my own son , who has
a mind full of ideas!

Pencil Drawing by Jennifer Winship Mark

I am trying to find a fun style for faces...

Pencil Drawing by Jennifer Winship Mark

I also have a series of costumed monkeys I can't wait to paint.
This is a study of a great "monkey face"

Drawing by Jennifer Winship Mark

This face was inspired by the great artist,
Mark Ryden...of coarse!
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Inspirational Studio

Dried up acrylic palette.....

My clay head scares everyone so he has to live among my brushes.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Works in progress this month

Stillife in progress by Jennifer Winship Mark
This is a large canvas I have been working on lately
when I find the time. Which is not very often. I still have at least 10 more
hours to go before this acrylic piece is finished.

Watercolor in progress by Jennifer Winship Mark
This is a watercolor demo I started 2 years ago! I just recently decided
to finish it. Believe it or not, there really is a cute house
in Cannon Beach with this gorgeous garden!

Acrylic and gold leaf Painting in progress by Jennifer Winship Mark
I am still struggling with the arrangement and I need to figure out
the background and give it a great sense of glass.

Watercolor study by Jennifer Winship Mark
This is another work in progress. I need to sharpen up the
petals and paint the little white berries. I did this with my good
friend and fellow "blogger" Christine.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Inspirations from Las Ventanas

I am a pretty lousy photographer but I must admit there was something magical
about the lighting at Las Ventanas. Every corner inspired me.

It is a photographers paradise as well as a tired artist's paradise!

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Inspirations from Las Ventanas

I had to share a few of my favorite and inspiring photos that I took while staying down in Mexico at the Las Ventanas resort. Everywhere I turned was a beautiful picture waiting to be captured.

Vessels with some gorgeous copper staining.

A boat that was parked just down the beach.

The view while I read every afternoon.....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

More inspiration from Mark Ryden Mark Ryden's magnificent oil painting
The Creatrix
What makes this painting so amazing is.... it is
close to 6 feet tall with an incredible amount of fine painting.
The detail is simply mesmerizing.
The hand carved frame picks up on many of the paintings
symbols and is beautifully carved and guilded . Most likely the
frame was designed by Mark and carved in Thailand.
It is just a
guess though.
I saw this at the Juxtaposed show at the Laguna Art
Museum back in September. Check out this web site
to see more cool Ryden pieces!

Surreal Russian Art Inspires me

by Scottish artist Heather Nevay. Some of her work can be seen via