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Friday, May 23, 2008

May 23rd first posting

Impromptu Lunch is a limited edition print. I currently have 25 artists proofs that have been living under my bed. I need to figure out a price an effective way to market these and 12 other images! They are on amazing paper and have rich color.

This is my very first blog entry so I am experimenting me get better!


CuriousOne said...

Ms. Mark, I recently saw a lightograph of one your work, Impomptu Lunch and loved it.
Have you priced the ones you still have?

Thank you

Jennifer Winship Mark said...

curiousone- sorry it took so long to respond back to your inquiry on the Impromptu Lunch print.
I am in the process of changing all the prices on my limited editions(I have 10 artist's proofs left in my studio).
I will be posting prices of these along with 20 original watercolors by the 12th of September...thanks for your patience and your interest.

Jennifer Winship Mark said...

curiousone....Impromptu Lunch will now be selling for $700
The rest of the limited edition prints will be between $400-$750.
They are selling fast!
Keep your eyes open because I will be showing you images of the other 11 in the next few days.

Dick Harrison said...

Hello Jennifer,
IMPROMPTU LUNCH is a lovely, very salable image! I wish I had had it in my case when I was on the road selling art to Interior Designers and Architects. You will find lots of information on selling to this market in my podcasts on If you know any artists who would like to sell their own work while becoming a rep for others, as I did, and would be interested in an "our-of-the-box" business with an outstanding inventory of very salable images have them look at
Best of luck,
Dick Harrison