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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What good is being an artist if no one sees your work?

These are all part of a collection of 20 charts and 10 stillifes I have just sitting in my studio because I have been too lazy too contact galleries in the last year.

I took some new photos after reading an article in I'd Rather Be in The Studio . I realized some of the blurry crooked photos could be improved.
I am presenting these pieces to the Bronze Coast Gallery in Canon Beach Oregon.

Here is another finished nautical chart painted over with acrylic paint with some added collage elements

I originally did these pieces for the cruise industry. I think they should have great appeal to Northwesterners who love the coastal sports of fishing, sailing, canoeing and kayaking.

I can't imaging how daunting it would be to be sailing like this out in the middle of the pacific.
I included a small excerpt from a sailor's writing that I ran across.....
"Never take the fresh breath of the ocean for granted for the wind can vanish without the slightest hint of where it has gone" This is what is written in the cartouche at the upper left.

This stillife is surrounded by pages torn from the
Gray's Anatomy Book for Doctors.
I have been tearing up my book like a mad woman. I know this must bring great pleasure to many medical students that have spent years slaving over that thick and unforgiving book.

I love working with gold leaf. Laying the light as air leaves down onto my sticky ground is like catching a ghost in honey. I just contacted the master guilder Nancy Thorn to see if I could get some real instruction in this area. There is so much gorgeous art out there covered in gold leaf.
It is not as complicated as it seems, however to be a master like Nancy Thorn takes years.


seesue said...

Your work is sOo beautiful! The paintings on the old charts are absolutely BRILLIANT!

Ray Dallara said...

Jenn--I really like seeing your charts. Have you done any re: deep sea fishing Sea of Cortez. My son and I fish there every year in August.

Jennifer Winship Mark said...

Ray- I have done nothing from the Sea of Cortez, but I have some amazing pictures of my son getting a Swordfish last spring.
I will run out and find those sea charts right away and paint some fishing boats. If you have any great stories or quotes I usually add those to the charts to give them some "authentic character".
Thanks for checking in with me.