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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

TiE incubation space lounge....

Open Eye Art was asked to transform a simple office space into an inspiring lounge  for the TiE Westside Incubator space at Sunset Center in Hillsboro Oregon.
Here are some of the pictures from the space.  The most creative aspect of the whole project was what we were able to do in very little time with a very slim budget!  What Open Eye Art and
Melvin Mark Companies accomplished in the space was a sheer miracle!
Melvin Mark Companies did an incredible job pulling together a beautiful project that is affordable, well managed and perfect for the innovative high tech community of Hillsboro.

I can't wait to hear about the amazing high tech innovations and businesses that will be formed in this incubator.  There are a lot of brilliant infant companies blossoming in this amazing space.

The creative wall has lots of art supplies to help the innovators illustrate their ideas!

Designed and hand painted by openeyeart.2011
Engineers love their white boards.  They wanted a big one for this incubator lounge so Open Eye designed our "Cartoon thought bubble board " to add a little fun to something  that is normally so mundane. 

Original acrylic by Jennifer Winship Mark
Because the budget was so small I had to hand paint the art myself.
This is my idea of an entrepreneur in the TiE Incubator Space ( quite handsome, don't you think?) 

Original acrylic by Jennifer Winship Mark
Here is another original I painted on a dictionary page.

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