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Monday, August 12, 2013

Having fun doing a little interior design....

Close up of our "Portlandia" conference room art.

by Open Eye Art
 Just recently we (my Open Eye Art partner, Juliet Moran) finished up 
two conference room art pieces for Capital Pacific Bank in Portland.
We took the concept of what makes Portland unique and added it in 
the form of a miniature diorama complete with tiny individuals at the bottom of each letter.

In the Portlandia Conference Room at Capital Pacific Bank
Here is a wall unit I designed for Michelle Mark's cool little studio in the Pearl in Portland Oregon.

Wall unit design by Jennifer W Mark
I designed it to have led lighting back lighting the shelves.  It is a wonderful combination of black bead board, maple and thick white shelves perfectly designed to fit all of Michelle's collections .
The beauty of this piece is it can be moved in two pieces wherever she chooses to move in the future.

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