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Thursday, July 16, 2015

What inspires me today.....
Tonight I am speaking at the local Hub Dot Event at our beautiful Johnathan Adler store in the Pearl.
Tonight I am going to give a very brief insight into my life and my artistic challenges of working wonky hours while raising my 4 kids.  Writing this little talk got me thinking about a series of paintings I did when I was in raising I was crazy busy but unwilling to stop painting.
I called it my PBJ series because I painted them on on my kitchen counters between breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I swear even a few of them ended up with sticky jam on their backsides!

 Tomato from the PBJ series
Jennifer Winship Mark
Acrylic, ink and silver paint on mat board
 Strawberry dream from the PBJ Series
Jennifer Winship Mark
Acrylic and ink on mat board
Starry Fruit from the PBJ Series
Jennifer Winship Mark
acrylic, ink on mat board with a gold leaf frame of my design

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