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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gilding for Capital Pacific Bank

Symbol panels gilded for the Dick Alexander Board Room at Capital Pacific Bank

Juliet Moran and I gilded 5 panels to represent the symbols that had meaning for the team at the bank. We are pleased at how they turned out with their vibrant colors and simple symbols.  Because the room has huge windows we needed to come up with art that would not "glare" and that would represent the values of the board. We are busy now with the last project, a plexiglass sculpture for the lobby.

Tree- symbolizes the board’s deep roots and underlying connections in our Northwest community.

Fern- symbolizes the board’s dedication, integrity, balance and resourcefulness. This symbol comes from the African Adinkra Tribe.

Vision- symbolizes the boards forward thinking and focus on the future of Capital Pacific Bank

Owl- symbolizes the wisdom each board member brings to the bank.

Gold- is one of several alchemist symbols for gold.  This represents the profitability of Capital Pacific Bank and its clients.

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