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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mask and Found Object workshops in 2014!

 Mask by Jennifer W Mark


New Perspectives Mask Workshop

A unique way to learn to 'see' another person's viewpoint and enhance understanding of one's own and the group's unconscious bias. This workshop is an intersection of collaborative team building, psychology, storytelling, artistic expression, role-playing and humor. Participants will immerse themselves in a another person's story allowing a window into their perspective 

 Found object gilding by Jennifer W Mark and Juliet Moran


 Midas Touch Workshop
Discover your own creativity. Open your eyes to the beauty of everyday objects and those found in nature. Use storytelling, collaboration and the ancient art of gilding. 

Gilded and Neo color mural by Jennifer W Mark and Juliet Moran

Go with the Flow Workshop

Discover how to collaborate yet keep your individual creative spark.  Learn to use neocolors and gild.  This workshop will create a major art piece that will be donated to a non- profit.

If any of these workshops sound intriguing to you then drop me a line.   We are planning on running these three different 2 day workshops in June and July of 2014.

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